Pillow Pals

Pillow Pals is a volunteer run program within the Auxiliary that has a hope and purpose of providing comfort and care for patients, as they walk through the difficult journey of Breast Cancer.

The Volunteers create hand-sewn, specialty pillows for post-surgery, breast cancer patients. Soft, all-cotton fabric is carefully chosen to ensure comfort and care during recovery. The pillows are given as a set, one is for under the arm for side support and the other to be placed under a seat belt for added cushioning. These pillows are personal gestures that show the women there are other women standing with them, offering support.

The volunteers sew 600 pillows annually for patients undergoing breast cancer surgery and donate them to Delta Hospital Campus of Care. The team of dedicated women have been running this Pillow Pals program since 2004.
Additionally, Pillow Pals creates special recovery pillows for men undergoing prostate surgery.



DHAS' Small Initiative: Aiding Hundreds of Breast Cancer Patients in Delta Hospital and Jim Patterson Hospital with Pillows

Written by Akshleen Kaur
DHAS Communications Volunteer

A heartwarming initiative by Delta Health Auxiliary Society known as Pillow Pals has been making a significant impact on the lives of women battling breast cancer in Delta Hospital and the Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre. These simple yet meaningful companions offer solace, comfort, and a profound sense of being cared for during a challenging journey. It's remarkable to note that this initiative goes above and beyond, with more than 600 pillow sets being generously donated each year. People who visit the hospital witness the incredible work being done, and in the spirit of community, they often return the following week with donations of fabric and materials to support the cause.

Dedicated volunteers pour their hearts and souls into creating these comforting companions, infusing each pillow with affection, care, and a special feeling. These small gestures have a heartfelt impact, not only on the women battling breast cancer but also on their families, who find solace in knowing their loved ones are being cared for and supported by a compassionate community.

The power of such simple acts of kindness should not be underestimated. Pillow Pals offer a message of hope, harmony and empathy to the women of Jim Pattison and Delta Hospital. The warm hearts and skilled hands of volunteers create a ripple of compassion that touches the lives of many. Pillow Pals are more than just pillows; it is a testament to the fact that sometimes, it's the simple gestures that have the most significant impact.