Spiritual Care

Spirituality is that part in each of us that seeks to find meaning and purpose in our lives. Spiritual Care connects us with the things that matter deeply to us, which strengthens us, helps us cope, and gives us hope.

While in hospital, patients and family may face uncertainty, life-changing decisions, injury, or loss. In these types of situations, many individuals find themselves looking for ways to find meaning, ways to express themselves, or ways to connect to their faith or beliefs. Spiritual Health Professionals work as part of the inter professional care team; they support patients, families, and health care staff emotionally and spiritually in moments of need, based on the person's beliefs, cultural background, values, traditions, and practices.

Since 2015, the Delta Hospital Auxiliary Society has funded a half-time position to attend to the spiritual and emotional needs of patients, their families and all health care staff at the Delta Hospital. This support is available for people of all religious beliefs, and for those without a faith community.

​​ Spiritual Health Services, Fraser Health