Music Therapy

Jo Anne Tait, MTA, BMT, TRP | Email:

The Delta Hospital Auxiliary Society has long supported the Music Therapy program at Delta Hospital Campus of Care. Each year we make a financial donation to cover the main costs of the program.

Music Therapy is the skillful, goal-oriented use of music to effect beneficial physiological, psychological and psycho-social responses in the recipient. Jo Anne Tait, MTA, BMT, TRP is a Certified Music Therapist on-site four half days per week.

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Q: How does Music Therapy work?

Music directly interacts with the brain’s limbic system (the center of emotions, memories, and images) and the endocrine and nervous systems. Together, these systems form a reciprocal “mind-body connection”. Memories (sometimes triggered by music) evoke thoughts, emotions and physical responses which in turn, influence physiological and emotional phenomena within the mind and body. This process happens independently of higher functioning areas of the brain, such as those involved in logic, analysis, decision making, and verbal language. Consequently, music therapy is uniquely effective with people who lack verbal communication abilities or the cognitive functioning necessary for other types of therapy. The recipient needs no prior musical training.