Over the years the Delta Hospital Auxiliary Society has raised funds to support the Delta Hospital and Mountain View Manor. Bursaries are awarded annually by the Auxiliary. Our bursaries support students who have lived in Delta for the past two years and are continuing their post secondary studies in the Healthcare Field. Read the Delta OPTIMIST article about our bursary award ceremony.

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Equipment for Delta Hospital

As of March 2017 Council voted to approve $408,350 in unfunded priority equipment requested by Delta Hospital and Fraser Health. We are especially excited to provide funds for the Mini C-Arm so useful in surgeries. Additional equipment funded by the Delta Hospital Auxiliary Society:

  • Endoscope/Bronchoscope
  • Video System/Bronchoscope
  • Radiographic Unit/Mini C-Arm
  • 4 Hi-Low Beds
  • Geri-Chair
  • Ultrasound/Pain Relief
  • 5 Bed Alarms/Fall Mats
  • Pump/Syringe Conscious Sedation
  • 2 Endoscope/Colonoscope Video
  • Endoscope/Gastroscope
  • Gyne/Fluid Management System
  • Endoscope/Bronchoscope for Intubation
  • Blanket Warmer

The Delta Hospital Auxiliary Society also recently donated two new ergonomically sound ultrasound stretchers for the Delta Hospital’s medical imaging department. The addition of these two new stretchers will increase patient safety and comfort, and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury for the staff.

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“The Delta Hospital Auxiliary Society is vitally important to our community. Founded nearly fifty years ago, the Auxiliary has led the charge on enormously successful fundraising campaigns, contributing millions of dollars to Delta Hospital. The thrift store and the cafe do double duty in providing a service to residents while helping to fund the auxiliary’s activities. We owe a debt of gratitude to the Auxiliary for our extended and acute care units, as well as all the equipment and programs which they help make a reality.

If Delta Hospital is part of the fabric that holds the community together, then the Auxiliary is the thread that keeps Delta Hospital together. The Auxiliary’s presence in the community is unmatched, and I am grateful for their work.”

-Vicki Huntington, MLA, South Delta