E-Bits from our President

dha admin

We’ve all been occupied with summer, and visitors, visiting, heat, and smoke.

Our businesses, the Gift Shop, the Thrift Shop, the Café and the Thrift Shop were open as usual. It was more work than usual at the Thrift shop where Market Days meant extra Sunday openings.

Our Lifeline program uses Philips equipment. The representative from Philips recently hosted a lunch for the Lifeline team, and a few hospital and Auxiliary staff. This was to celebrate 30 successful years for the program. The number of subscribers continues to grow.

For years we have been storing stock and equipment in a large 6 roomed trailer on the Hospital Property. We were asked to empty it now so that it can be removed. The Hospital is having a huge generator placed where the trailer was. The generator should be powerful enough for all of the future hospital and Mountain View Manor needs. The Council members have been a little preoccupied with where to move everything. We have worked with Fraser Health staff and found places for everything in the hospital. Some locations are temporary, and some are cramped, but everything has been moved. We had Hospital interior and garden Christmas decorations, gift shop stock, café stock, financial records, historical records, cancel pillow materials, and a variety of miscellaneous furniture and small items to go.

About 450 volunteers work for the hospital regularly, and everything you do is appreciated. The 20 people who did the “trailer moving”, (which was very hard work one evening), are to be commended for that effort. We had Dynamite Moving do a portion of the work the same morning, moving all of our Hospital decorations to a new location.

Every week we receive a few bags of cloth from the hospital. We need this material cut up into squares about 16” x 20” and then taken to the Thrift Shop for wrapping breakable items. If you can help with this work, please give your name to someone at the office, and trim a bag full when one comes in. If you can drop the finished squares off at the Thrift Shop also, that would be great.

Yvonne Chard