“One behalf of Delta Council, I want to thank the hundreds of volunteers that make up the Delta Hospital Auxiliary Society. These volunteers invest countless hours towards supporting valuable Delta Hospital services, patients and their families – all with friendly smiles, kindness and empathy. Delta is forever grateful to each and every member of the Delta Hospital Auxiliary for your steadfast dedication and selflessness towards enhancing community health services…. you represent the backbone of Delta and what makes us such a tightknit community!Help support the Society and your hospital – be sure to visit the Ladner Village Thrift Shop and the Dogwood Gift Shop at Delta Hospital for a unique selection of jewelry, clothing, collectibles and seasonal items. And don’t forget to stop by the Courtyard Cafe – a great spot for a healthy and delicious lunch.”

-Lois E. Jackson, Former Mayor of Delta

“The Delta Hospital Auxiliary Society is vitally important to our community. Founded nearly fifty years ago, the Auxiliary has led the charge on enormously successful fundraising campaigns, contributing millions of dollars to Delta Hospital. The thrift store and the cafe do double duty in providing a service to residents while helping to fund the auxiliary’s activities. We owe a debt of gratitude to the Auxiliary for our extended and acute care units, as well as all the equipment and programs which they help make a reality.

If Delta Hospital is part of the fabric that holds the community together, then the Auxiliary is the thread that keeps Delta Hospital together. The Auxiliary’s presence in the community is unmatched, and I am grateful for their work.”

-Vicki Huntington, Former MLA, South Delta

“The Delta Hospital Auxiliary has been a great supporter of and a visionary partner for Delta Hospital over the past 30 years. They provide us with generous funding for the health care equipment that has allowed us to practice in a leading edge capacity. They provide comfort for patients through multiple care efforts which include everything from music therapy to sewing pillows for post surgical mastectomy patients. We have Auxiliary volunteers all through our facility helping patients and families feel welcome. For the past 30 years we have trusted our Auxiliary to be great partners and supporters of Delta Hospital and they have never disappointed us. This community has so much to be grateful for as we would not have the hospital we have today without the vision and support of the Auxiliary.”

-Annette Garm, Former Director Site Operations, Delta Hospital

“ … The wonderful work that you, a 500 plus volunteer force, do to enhance the care that Deltans receive at Delta Hospital and Mountain View Manor is being celebrated. It is my privilege to add my voice to the people here today (Auxiliary Day). We rightly say we truly appreciate your dedication and the many hours your members contribute to the Hospital, the Manor, the gift shop, thrift store and the vital Lifeline. I am also very impressed by your communication and community outreach strategies, and the members’ organizational skills. Your Society is truly admirable. I understand you are on track to reach your goal of raising $2.4 million towards a new diagnostic expansion. Congratulations and thank you again for your service to our community.
With gratitude,”

-Hon. Carla Qualtrough, Member of Parliament for Delta