Student Bursaries

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Delta Hospital Auxiliary was formed in 1969 and is a major volunteer service provider and fund raising organization supporting Delta Hospital. In appreciation for the public support that we have received over the years the Auxiliary now awards six bursaries of $1,500.00 each. Funds are awarded at the discretion of the Bursary Committee.

  • Applicants must be involved in or entering the field of Health Care
  • Applicants must be a current Delta resident for a period not less than two years, and must provide proof of residency
  • Successful candidate must furnish proof of registration from a selected institution by September 15 or forfeit the award
  • Applicants must provide previous academic records (photocopies)
  • Successful candidate must provide Social Insurance Number for Income Tax purposes
  • Two current letters of reference (school, employment, volunteer) are required for application
  • Letter of validation for volunteer hours (not considered to be one of the letters of reference) is required
  • Personal letter detailing need for the Bursary, career area chosen, reason for pursuing this career and any services made to this community must be included in the application
Submissions of applications closes May 1st

For more information please contact the Delta Hospital Auxiliary Society
604-946-1121 ext. 783212.


Delta Hospital Auxiliary has been very progressive in encouraging all our volunteers to attend training programs which will improve and assist their volunteer work. Each year a number of volunteers attends BC Association of Healthcare Auxiliaries conferences and that, in turn encourages both team effort and new ideas.

STAFF BURSARIES: In addition to assisting our own volunteers, and providing $9,000 for student bursaries to assist those who are entering the healthcare field, The Auxiliary provides several Bursaries for staff members of Delta Hospital to upgrade their skills.

Education is always a wise investment of money and we recognize the constant need for funding in order to keep up with the many changes within the medical field.


“ … The wonderful work that you, a 500 plus volunteer force, do to enhance the care that Deltans receive at Delta Hospital and Mountain View Manor is being celebrated. It is my privilege to add my voice to the people here today (Auxiliary Day). We rightly say we truly appreciate your dedication and the many hours your members contribute to the Hospital, the Manor, the gift shop, thrift store and the vital Lifeline. I am also very impressed by your communication and community outreach strategies, and the members’ organizational skills. Your Society is truly admirable. I understand you are on track to reach your goal of raising $2.4 million towards a new diagnostic expansion. Congratulations and thank you again for your service to our community.

With gratitude,”

-Hon. Carla Qualtrough, Member of Parliament for Delta