Auxiliary Office


Although we are few in number, the Office Unit is responsible for many duties.

We track and compile the volunteer hours on a monthly basis and submit them each year to B.C.A.H.A. who then track the number of hours worked by volunteers throughout the Province. Our Auxiliary has always taken great pride in the hours we donate. We are always one of the largest!!! We could exceed 100,000 hours this year.

The Office Unit sends birthday cards to the residents of Mountain View Manor and sympathy cards when appropriate. We distribute personal supplies for patients in Emergency as well as stuffed animals for children brought into Emergency; we deliver the mastectomy pillows (made with love by the Pillow Pals) as required by Day Surgery; and we are responsible for organizing the Christmas and A.G.M. luncheons. We maintain all the office supplies, staff the office Monday thru Friday and retrieve all the messages and mail left for our members.

The Office Unit also processes new volunteer applications and maintains membership records including addresses, phone numbers and e-mail lists.